How does the construction net price in Kenya come?

In the construction website buildings, the safety of all workers Is mandatory and always in consideration. Therefore, it is necessary for those in charge of the construction to formulate ways in which the lives of the workers are protected from unseen risks. Such precautions aid them to be swift in quality disaster management in case an accident happens.

The number of meters

In the country, there are very many-storied buildings with different designs and shapes and will not necessarily have the same measurements of width, height and length. Their construction net price in Kenya  will vary depending on the size the owner of the building decides to purchase. 3Meters by 50 meters is around sh.12500, 2Meters by 50Meters forKsh.9000 and 2Meters by 6Meters at Ksh.900.

The website being bought from.

In the online market, many business websites construction materials. Since they are all competing for one consumer, the possibility of them offering different prices for the same good is high. On websites the size in meters from the online market, one should be careful of the price difference and weary of fake and cheap prices being posted.

The size of the building

The topography of the building under construction determines the quantity of safety nets is used. A small building will require a small size of the net unlike a tall building with will require more. A tall building that is more than 25feet off the ground or that which ladders and safety lines are impractical will require a big size net to function properly. The larger the size the higher the price of the net.

The location of the building.

A building located in a busy town or a street has very many activities going around it. Therefore, the building owners must protect the passing by people. This will need the site to be well covered by the net vertically and also from the ground. The net will prevent the accidental falling of objects on people. The quantity of net being invested in such a location will be more than that of a secluded building making the price higher.

The type of net

The price of the net differs depending on the type of net being bought. A fire retardant 100% virgin high-density polyethene costs around Ksh.215.30 while a green net light duty will coast around Ksh. 334.92. Here the price is not the same because of the quality of the type of net to be used. This also applies when purchasing a plastic construction orange netting saith the factory supply blue-black 100%virgin high-density polyethene construction burner net

Method of buying the net

A net buyer should meet the seller physically in a public location when purchasing. This will enable him or her to negotiate properly and receive the best price for the nets with greater quality than when purchasing online. Online buyers have the spending disadvantage of goods than buying them physically.


It is important for a construction net to be installed below a high-level work area around to prevent accidents and protect the lives of those working or passing through the area. Also consider using safety boots for the construction staff.

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