How do you buy the perfect woman hat? How do you take care of your accessory?

Your hat is an extension of your personality. Each of us has a personal choice and preference, which is reflected in what we wear. The same is applicable in the case of the hats that you own. Make sure to select a hat that goes well with your lifestyle. The question is, how do you buy the perfect hat? Today, we are going to help you out with this.

  • Does the face type intervene?

If you are a tall woman with an average figure, a long brim hat with a modern dress code will ideally suit you. Big faces and heavy bodies do not go with tiny hats. Small faces disappear if the accessory is too big or flashy. The classic people prefer the Panama hat both on the beach and in the city.

The most attuned people import the style of the European streets to create a sportier and more modern look. In this case, the women’s fedora hat is the most applicable. However, the important thing when buying a hat is to get the size right so that it is not too big on the head or too small.

  • Ideal hat type for every face

1. Oval face 

In this face, a disproportionate hat gives the impression of being too big for the person who wears it. Wear a hat with a proportional brim and cup.

2. Triangular face

People with the triangular face should wear hats with smaller brims and cups. If you wear a hat with large brim, it will further increase the disproportion between the top of your face and the bottom. It must match the proportion of the person’s face to follow its shape.

3. Elongated face

The ideal for elongated faces is hats with medium or low crowns. A high or very high height is unsuitable, as it would elongate the look even more.

4. Square face

Hats with larger brims look better on square faces. Hats with a high crown and broader brim are ideal. People with this characteristic tend to have a face that is a little smaller vertically and a little larger horizontally compared to other people. For this reason, a hat with a medium or medium-high crown and a more oversized brim are ideal.

5. Rounded face

The ideal for this type of face is hats with medium to high cups and proportional brim. A round-faced woman should never wear a cloche hat, as it will round out her look even more.

  • Tips for all face types
  • Do not try to match the hat to the outfit. It will look like the Queen of England costume. They work best as a point of contrast in colors or textures with what you wear. Itis essential to try on the outfit with the hat for an elegant occasion to feel the full effect.
  • Contrast the hat with the shape of the face. The best hat color will depend on each person.
  • For those who do not want the hat as a highlight, choose the hat color close to your hair tone as it draws less attention and matches all clothes. Neutrals also guarantee less notoriety. Hats with brims look best on short, medium, or tied hair, but you can wear your hair down. Hats without brims, such as berets and caps, look good with long, loose hair.

Fedora hat for women: care tips

Simple care, a little patience, and care can keep your hat looking beautiful for a long time. Always brush your hat with a soft brush before putting it away, whether in the box or the coat rack. This will remove all the dust from its surface.

  1. Do not touch it with dirty or oily hands,
  2. Always take it under the flap,
  3. Keep it inside a box so that its natural shape does not change,
  4. Protect it from dust, humidity, and exposure to the sun,
  5. Never use soap and water to clean it,
  6. Never let it get wet,
  7. Place it in a position that does not change its original shape,
  8. Let your hat dry thoroughly in a dry and ventilated place,
  9. Do not use a hairdryer, and do not store it wet,
  10. Dryers can cause wrinkles, and leaving a damp hat in a box will make it moldy,
  11. Do not stack your hat as this could deform it.

In the end

A fedora hat can stay clean and look new for much longer if you brush it regularly. If your felt fedora hat becomes damp, remove excess water with a clean, dry cloth. Do not place it under direct sunlight. Do not leave your hat resting on the brim. The cup or additional support always supports you. Never put your hat on hot surfaces. They lose shape.

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