How construction quoting software saves you time.

Here at Buildxact, we know how much there is to do when you’re in the construction business. There are invoices to be paid, jobs to be allocated, costs to be balanced, quotes to be created, money to be made and that’s just today’s jobs. Each of these tasks take time. Precious time that you could be spending with your family, doing the things you love. So, let’s have look at how construction quoting software saves you time.

What is construction quoting software?

When we speak of construction quoting software, we are talking about a single tool that streamlines the costing and bidding process of your company. One piece of software that will:

  • Track your equipment.
  • Schedule jobs.
  • Give profit insights.
  • Perform benchmarking.
  • Undertake bid management.

Traditionally, these jobs were performed longhand – with pen, paper and a calculator, then there was an upgrade to Excel spreadsheet – making things a little easier, and now we have procurement software – giving builders, construction managers and engineers their recreation and relaxation Leighley Estates Conway time back.

Time-saving features

Construction quoting software was designed to give builders and construction managers more time in their day. There are much better things to be doing than being tied to your desk performing quotes and doing accounts. Usually, each task uses a different tool, software or app using more of your precious time. There are several time-saving features to look for, but we’ll just explore two of them here.

  • Ease – Whether you are entering data, accessing information, doing a quantity takeoff, creating a quote – adding pictures so your client can see what the materials are, updating quotes, getting quotes signed-off on by your customer or doing your business’ finances, our construction quoting software makes it easier. There’s no better time-saver than software that works for you.
  • Integration – one of the reasons construction software will become your best friend is its ability to integrate with your accounting software. This allows you to keep track of your business’ finances, purchase orders, invoices and any other accounting procedures you need to endure – all from the one software tool.


Not only is construction software easy to use and time-saving, by about 80%, but if you choose a cloud based service, you can use it anywhere. (Even by the poolside.) 

Don’t let owning a building company or construction business be the end of your spare time. After all, what’s the point in making money if you haven’t got the time to spend it. Nor do you want to be losing money on bad quotes. Instead, why don’t you try a free 14 day trial? Get out of the office and back to fun times and family.

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