Here are the five places in Dubai that you cannot afford to skip!

Dubai is a city with many names, but the most prominent of them is “the city that turns dreams into realities”. Experience a whole different aspect of life. From technical and architectural advancements to luxury at a whole different level, Dubai has it all. It has successfully transformed itself from a mere village to a hub for the largest buildings in the world and skyscrapers that touch the heavens, a city that stands as a definition of luxury living, all this in a matter of 50 years.

As said earlier, Dubai is a city with numerous names, one of which is the “city of gold”. Dubai is the home of restaurants that serve coffees and burgers garnished with pure 24-carat gold. Aren’t you amazed? Who would it not be? This city will amaze you with its architectural wonders, buildings that seem to defy gravity, and hostility that seems to win everyone’s heart. Dubai is blessed with a geographical setting that provides the warmth of a desert on one side and the blues of the water on the other, which makes it ideal for a plethora of activities. We understand that Dubai offers numerous activities,

but we have picked the five top locations without which your vacation to Dubai is incomplete. Here is a brief description of those few: –

Global Village

This park allows visitors to discover the different parts of the globe and their cultures and traditions in a matter of a few hours. From the Big Bean of London to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, situated in Italy, visitors get a glimpse of all the wonders and local architecture from around the world. The parades bring bright lights and a lively atmosphere with them that children and adults seem to enjoy a lot. The fun multiplies with an unlimited number of fun and exciting games and activities, from fire-breathing street performances to adventurous rides at the region’s biggest funfair. Global Village tickets are estimated to cost AED 15 and are a must-see stop.

Dubai Museum of Illusions

For all the fans of optical illusions and tricks, Dubai has a gem stored specifically for you. At Dubai’s prestigious Museum of Illusions, you’ll experience illusions as you’ve never seen before, and you’ll feel like you’re on another planet. Dubai has never failed to amaze. It is a city that turns dreams into realities through its technical advancements and sharp minds. The Museum of Illusions is also the reaction of some of the brilliant minds of Dubai. Not only one of the most advanced museums but also the largest museum in the world, the Museum of Illusions, Dubai has to be a must-visit on your bucket list.

Camel safari in the Arabian desert

As previously stated, Dubai has a perfect geographical setting, with the desert on one side and the sea on the other. prevails, as Dubai is famous for its hot deserts and camel rides. So hop on towards another set of adventures and experience the thrill of riding atop a desert camel amidst the Arabian desert. This 45-minute journey will lead you towards the serene sight of a sunset aligned behind enormous dunes. You can also get the opportunity to enjoy a falcon show amidst the dunes at sunset. These rides will connect you to the roots and heritage of Dubai as if we go back 50 years, Dubai was a mere desert.

Abra sails sweetly

After exploring the deserts, you might want to get a taste of the waters of Dubai, for which you do not even have to dig deep into your pockets. Go for the Arabian or Abra ride, which is a well-known mode of transport among the locals of Dubai and is a little famous amongst travellers as well. They are named after the small, motorised taxis that can carry around 20 people at a go. Enjoy the clear sight of the enormous skyscrapers towering high along with the fresh smell and reflection on the water. You can get access to these famous rides from two particular routes across Dubai Creek, which are the Bur Dubai route and the Deira route.

iFLY Dubai

If you think skydiving is an only outdoor activity, let us dispel that myth by introducing you to the futuristic, indoor skydiving activity. Many individuals fear jumping from such high altitudes, so the brilliant minds of iFLY came up with an indoor activity that is safe and is just as effective as outdoor skydiving, making it ideal for beginners. The iFLY, the largest indoor adventurous activity in the entire UAE, is located in the midriff city centre, with an acrylic glass tunnel that will blow your mind. The place is open for all including adults as well as children above the age of 4, which is the reason behind it being so crowded on weekends.

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