Five Tools To Make Your WFH Easy-Peasy

Work From Home has become a culture after the unfortunate hit of Covid-19 in 2020. Many companies are now opting for permanent WFH because that cuts their costs. It served as a wake-up call for many organizations and people who found their easy way out of the technical stuff. It is the most viable option in case of tragedies, pandemics, disasters, etc. While WFH has benefitted many, it has also been difficult for not so tech-savvy people. To continuously work on a laptop or desktop, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of the system to speed up your work, like a PDF editor or data storage website. 

Here are some tools that will make your work from home a smooth sail.

  • Github

Github is one of the best code hosting platforms where team members can easily collaborate on projects and work together. A team manager can manage various projects, host and review codes, and assign work to employees easily. It is easily accessible and all the team members can see what is going on and track their own progress. It is an open-source community where you can contribute through your work and manage your Git repositories. It is also very beneficial for students who are into coding.

  • Microsoft Teams

Developed by Microsoft, Teams is a communication tool where you can hold meetings and host conferences easily. The good quality video and audio services made it one of the most used communication tools in the Covid-19 period. There are different options for messaging – one-to-one messaging and group chats, where you can also send different gifs and stickers. It allows you to stay connected to your team and discuss the work progress. 

  • PDFSimpli

We know that PDFs, i.e., portable document format files, are among the most trusted file formats because of their versatility and reliability. SimpliPDF is one such tool that helps you perform different operations on PDFs. It allows the merging and splitting of the PDF files. You can also edit PDFs and convert them to different file formats, for example, Word to PDF or PDF to Word. It is an amazing tool for handling your PDF files.

  • TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an excellent tool for remote support and access, i.e., if you want someone to access your system to help you with a query, this tool comes in very handy. It also allows you to hold online meetings. Whether you need help installing a new game, assisting a customer or working with a colleague remotely, TeamViewer is the best solution to share the screen or allow access to your system to a person on the other side of the screen.

  • Hubstaff

Hubstaff is an amazing tool to track the time of an entire team. It allows a person to track the work and progress of a project. It can prove to be a very important tool when you are working remotely. It has a built-in GPS tracker for the time that allows a person to track work time of transit and on-site employees. 

Work From Home can get very challenging if you are not up to speed with technological advancements. The above-mentioned tools are easy to use and accessible that will help you level up your WFH game. 

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