Five Shocking Stats on Remote Work Productivity

  1. We are talking about remote work productivity one of my absolute favorite things to talk about seriously why you think i have this YouTube channel speaking of are you subscribed to this YouTube channel what about our email newsletter links below for more ways to get more running remote to you absolutely the fastest way possible now as some of you may know I’m not just the running remote. I do love all the amazing events and all the hosting and conversations that we do at running remote I’m also the co-founder of time doctor which is a time tracking tool for remote teams there are a lot.
  2. I mean a lot of videos out there that are going to tell you how to be productive or even if you can be productive while working remotely what it have to share with you today are some crazy awesome stats on remote work productivity hop off the presses from time doctor’s newest report and this is not just theory or concept this is quite literally hundreds of thousands of daily active users in where they’re spending their time. When they work remotely so, there are so many reports today on remote work.It was incredibly important to zero in on the state of productivity particularly how productive remote workplace are by analyzing time spent on social media unproductive apps productive apps and the workplace apps that they use to be able to get their jobs done this is all aggregated and extrapolated data from hundreds of thousands of time doctor users that
  3. include 100 plus seat organizations as well. We pulled data from September 1st through to October 31st 2020 and focused on social media top apps used in the most productive countries in the world the first finding when it comes to social media employees are pretty much only on Facebook LinkedIn and YouTube this is not surprising when you take into consideration that LinkedIn is a professional and business focused media network YouTube is viewed almost like an ever-growing video library used to learn as much as to entertain and of course, Facebook is the industry giant that said employees are not spending as much time on social media as you might think. They are when it came to Facebook from Tuesdays to Thursday’s employees were spending 7.5 of their workdays with Facebook open in a browser close to half of the amount of the day spent on weekends there’s a ton more detailed numbers on social media usage.
  4. I encourage you to read through in the full report this is a very interesting insight that you really must take into consideration because the average amount of time that’s spent on social media really is about 7.5 of someone’s workday. So, when you’re saying hey you know you should spend less time on Facebook it’s actually, in a lot of cases less productive to not basically give people access to social media and to a certain degree social media boosts people’s improve productivity which is quite counterintuitive but definitely an interesting insight if you’re looking to analyze this type of data long term next up top apps and websites would you believe that time doctor users spend 40 of their time on google chrome has by far become the dominant app that most people interact with while they’re working remotely mainly because you need access on chrome to access all of those google apps seriously, they blew me outlook and office suite out of the water and speaking of blowing competitors out of the water 82 percent of users used chrome as their top browser time to tackle chat and communications apps there are so many of them and they only gained in popularity.
  5. We have got slack Microsoft teams zoom skype WhatsApp telegram messenger and email and the list go on which app do you think was the most popular among time doctor users pause the video right. Actually, get your suggestions down in the chat below before i give this to you because i think you’re going to be surprised it was skype by a landslide. Why because it is 100 free skype took up 42 of share time followed by slack coming in at 24 and zoom at 20 skype has been around forever but we don’t know what will happen now that Microsoft is clearly placing many bets on Microsoft teams when it comes to work apps.

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