Five Facts you Never knew About Steel Doors

A Steel is a robust, bluish-grey and tough alloy of iron with carbon and other elements. It is usually used in structural works. A door is a barrier at the entrance of a room, building or even a vehicle. The door’s types are from the material used to make it; in that long list, steel is also inclusive.


Insecurity has been a challenge to development. It is highly associated with banditry, which sometimes aims to expose the security forces’ impotence, which they seem to eliminate at will. The fearful nature of Kenyans due to insecurity has made them creative when it comes to the structural design of their houses. Mounting doors made of steel has been one of the many factors to curb insecurity at home.

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Facts you never knew


Unlike the ordinary doors, steel doors have seen a high demand amongst Kenyans – well, this is due to the security situation in Kenya. The youths inability to secure jobs due to the inadequacy of job vacancies has led to a decline in security. Consequently, it has led to high demand for solid doors to beef up security.

Hinges hidden

People often wonder how the doors are mounted, especially if you aren’t around during the mounting. If you have been wondering, then the secret lies in the fitting of the hinges.

As the bandits come up with more sophisticated ideas of breaking into the house, the engineers have also been burning their midnight oil to make sure that this breakage does not happen. Among the key things that they have to improve is hiding the hinges during installation; the sole aim is to deter the breaking of the hinges by bandits, thus boosting house security.

Heavy-duty steel door

Locking mechanism

Engineers mount the steel doors with lower and upper reinforcing locking mechanisms, making the door stronger when ponded from outside—the resistance increases. As a result, the breaking of the door becomes a challenge.

Door lock

The multi-door lock bolted assist in ensuring that the pressure is evenly distributed all over the door; thus, the resistance is increased. Most if not all entries made of steel have this feature, making it a favourite for many people.


The materials used to make these doors are heavy steel, complex and solid. You can’t imagine thugs banking on your leaving room, and before you knew it, they’re in staring at you unblinkingly. To avoid that scenario, hard, heavy and robust steel for the door will play the trick. The materials make it hard for the bandits to cut through, making the door and your house in general secure.


From the facts above, it is apparent that steel doors last longer than others; moreover, they are hard to break or dent when hit. They also resist extreme weather, such as severe sun rays and heavy rain. To ensure a safe home free from bunditry you got to embrace that kind of secure door. For more, check steel door prices in Kenya.

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