Factors that determine the prices of diesel water Pumps

This is a fuel-powered water pump that circulates coolant passages in the engine block and component whenever the engine is running.

The adverse effects of climate change have left a perpetual cycle of poverty and hunger in the communities. The ripple effects led to innovative ways to meet basic needs, which were used to set up irrigation networks by drawing water from natural sources to irrigate individual farms. Diesel water pumps got favour from the rural areas due to their flexibility in operation.

Below are some of the factors that determine diesel water pump price in Kenya

The flow rate of work 

The flow rate represents the amount of water the pump will deliver in a given duration. Depending on the volume of work at hand, the amount of water pumped should meet the demand and speed to avoid lagging for a long time. Water pump with a powerful flow results from this recommendation, which consequently attracts high diesel water pump prices in Kenya.

Speed of performance and diesel consumption

The amount of energy transferred per unit time is determined by the type of material and the distance between input and output. Clean water is lighter and easier to move, while sewage water needs a high-power machine. Depending on the use, the high-powered machine comes in handy at a high price. Moreover, the right choice of the water pump will minimize the use of diesel at work.

Quality of the product

Some renowned brands have proven beyond doubt to deliver quality products. Investing in such brands saves money in the long term. A top quality pump product attracts a high diesel water pump price in Kenya, even though the water pump comes with a warrant. In most cases, quality products come with other after-sales services like repairs at either low or no cost if damage occurs before the end of a warrant and good after-sale customer care.

Maintenance cost and availability of spares

Maintenance cost refers to the expenses incurred during corrective, preventive, risk-based, and condition-based maintenance throughout operations. A machine is considered adequate when the expenses are minimal. A low-quality water pump costs less but attracts high maintenance costs over time.

Maximum head lift

Maximum head lift is the total height from the source of water to a final drainage point. A good water pump should operate with power over a distance to deliver effectively to minimize the time taken to do the work.

The suction and discharge head

The suction is the height between the inlet and the pump during the discharge distance between the pump and outlet. The suction and discharge head sizes differ from one brand to another. Water pumps with good suction, costing slightly high.


The diesel water pumps are powerful and can be used in places where electricity is unavailable, making them ideal for rural settings. Climate change that has widely affected people’s livelihood by denying basic needs can be rescued by the very diesel water pump.

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