Exploring the Best Water Activities in Vancouver

For many reasons, Vancouver is the shining gem of western Canada. From the natural beauty to the thriving job market, there seems to be something for everyone to love in the city. With its proximity to water, namely the Strait of Georgia and multiple lakes further inland, locals love to take advantage of all the recreational activities that come along with it. 

No matter how you might love to surround yourself with water, from spending a day along the shore diving into a great book when taking a break from swimming to exploring the waterfalls outside of the city, there’s sure to be options you love either right in the city or not far from it. Not sure what some of the best options might be? Here’s a few anyone would love. 

Kitsilano Beach

If a relaxing day at the beach sounds perfect to you, there’s no need to even leave the city. Kitsilano is considered one of the top city beaches in the world and makes for the perfect escape right in your backyard. Many locals were introduced to the beach while looking for Homes For Sale in Vancouver as it is the heart of one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. 

Kitsilano is the perfect place for those looking to explore their day as it happens. If sitting on the beach is the foundation to build your adventure upon, there’s more excitement whenever you’re ready. Right at the beach, there’s plenty of options for windsurfing, paddling or even a calm, yet intriguing walk along the seawall. 


Lifelong residents as well as those simply passing through can see Vancouver in an entirely new light by exploring its waters on a kayak. After all, what’s better than mixing exploration with a little exercise? This is another perfect option for those looking for excitement but aren’t looking to leave the city itself. Of course there’s the option to have your own kayak but if you aren’t sure if this is something you’ll like enough to invest in, there’s plenty of options to rent a kayak for the day. 

As a place to start, while there are multiple choices, it’s hard to not recommend False Creek. You can hop right into the water from downtown and it offers plenty of amazing views of the city which is equally perfect for those who are looking to see their city in a new way as well as those seeing Vancouver for the first time. 

Visit The Local Waterfalls

Heading out into the woods for an adventure won’t be quite as convenient as other options right in the city, but there’s no need to worry about traveling too far to see some of the world’s most breathtaking waterfalls. There’s plenty of options for those looking to make this an afternoon hike, an entire day trip or even a weekend getaway. 

There’s literally thousands throughout the province so a little research ahead of time will lead the curious to exactly the amount of adventure they are after. Two great options right within greater Vancouver are Cypress Falls and Norvan Falls. Just remember, if exploring waterfalls really captures your heart there’s plenty of others to see as well.

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