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Estimated Timelines For Ranking Keywords In The Google Search Engine  

Being right underneath that search box on Google, at the top of Google’s first page of results for a search, is the ultimate objective of every organic SEO campaign. While a lot of web developers, entrepreneurs, and marketers often get impatient, the most important thing here is the fact that achieving rankings on Google is a time-involving process.

The first thing that any reputable international SEO agency in London would do is make sure that their clients do not have any unrealistic expectations about rankings on Google and how fast they can achieve it. Ranking on Google’s first page or simply ranking keywords on Google is not an overnight thing. This is especially true for startups and small businesses with new websites and no existing online presence.

What Are The Statistics?

According to statistics, the average time for websites to achieve decent rankings on Google search results page can range anywhere between three to six months.

Climbing to the top of Google’s results is not easy and usually takes between 90-180 days. The time taken primarily depends upon several factors, including the competitiveness of the industry, SEO techniques, popularity of the keywords, and the state of the website.

What Does Google Do To Find Your Website?

A very common question asked is how Google finds your website or webpage that you want to rank. Google uses “Google Bots” (also known as bots, robots, or spiders) to “crawl” through numerous web pages on the Internet. These crawlers collect and catalog the information and are then added to Google’s index of the web.

Google’s crawlers must be able to crawl and read the information on your site to get it indexed.

Factors That Affect The Time Taken To Rank On Google

Several reasons affect the time taken to rank on Google’s search results page. First, a high ranking on Google’s first page can only be achieved through the right SEO techniques implemented by expert professionals at a reputable international SEO agency in London.

From keyword competition to domain age, as well as search volume of keywords, content accumulation, etc., there are numerous reasons why it takes longer or less time to achieve a high ranking in specific fields.

The cleanliness of a domain, as in how well structured and designed the site is, its load speed, and other metrics also play a crucial part along with the following factors:

  • Domain age
  • Content quality
  • SEO techniques
  • Keyword competition

Final Thoughts

In competitive fields, a site may take a lot of time to achieve high rankings, and this is why you need an expert and reputable international SEO agency in London. Such an agency has expert and experienced professionals to help you achieve the best results for your business’ website in the least possible time.

It is advised that you must be patient and must not have unrealistic expectations about the final objectives and rankings. However, your site will soar high up on Google’s rankings with the proper techniques.

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