Dos and don’ts to follow after a car accident in Kent

Millions of car accidents and on-road mishaps are reported in the US every year. Some states obviously report more accidents than others, and Washington is one of them. Following a crash, you may feel dazed and overwhelmed, which makes it hard to think clearly. For your help, here is a list of dos and don’ts you must follow after getting injured in a car accident in Kent

The dos

  • Stay calm. Don’t panic because the worst is over. Check if other passengers and drivers involved in the accident need any help. 
  • Call emergency care. You may not feel as much pain immediately after the crash because of the adrenaline rush. However, don’t ignore your injuries and call 911 if needed. 
  • Inform the police. You have to inform the local police and should wait for an investigating officer to arrive at the scene. 
  • Take evidence. Consider taking as many videos and photographs of the accident scene as you can. Also, take photos of your injuries. 
  • Note down the details. How did the accident happen? Were you distracted or reckless? Write down all the minute details on paper. 
  • Call your insurance company. It is important to inform your insurance company within a reasonable time after the accident. 
  • Call a lawyer. Don’t file your insurance claim or deal with other key aspects without an attorney on your side. 

The Don’ts

  • Don’t give a statement. You may be tempted to share details of the accident with the insurance company, but refrain from saying anything that could impact your claim. 
  • Don’t delay seeking medical care. No matter what others tell you, keep up with your treatment and maintain a file related to medical expenses and care. 
  • Don’t run away from the scene. Even if the accident seems like a minor bump, do not leave the scene and don’t let other drivers leave. 
  • Don’t share on social media. We love social media and sharing bits of our life online, but for car accidents, you have to keep things between you and your lawyer. 
  • Don’t accept the first insurance offer. The claims adjuster doesn’t have your best interest in mind, and until your lawyer is done negotiating the settlement, don’t accept anything.
  • Don’t admit fault. Regardless of whether you were responsible for the accident, don’t admit anything to anything except your lawyer. 

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