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Doors and Windows

Doors and portholes are the paths that lead the user into the building. As with various corridors within the building, and because the main door channel may have many users in and out at the same time, therefore, to build a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน  the main door channel should be large enough as well as being able to move furniture and equipment Easy in and out And should be designed to be in a position that is suitable for the use of space inside the building.

Exterior doors should have properties that can protect the interior from the outside weather. It should also have a thermal insulation or cooling value equal to the insulation of the side walls. The door inside the building may be solid or transparent as required. and should have opacity for privacy All doors should be designed to be easy-to-use, durable and anti-theft. Some buildings may have an area to prevent the spread of fire, so doors should have a fire resistance rating in accordance with building law requirements.

A wide variety of window shapes and sizes are available. This not only affects the aesthetic appearance of the building. but also the light from outside coming in The ventilation, scenery and shape of the interior are the same as the exterior doors. The window should be such that it protects the interior space well from the outside weather while it is closed. As well as window frames should be made of materials that do not conduct temperature or heat. Double glazing window Bristol should be a type that reduces heat transfer sun rays or the brightness of sunlight

Because doors and windows are usually manufactured from the factory. The manufacturer will have standard sizes of doors and windows in many sizes, so the size of the door and window. house building company รับสร้างบ้าน It is best to plan and check with the manufacturer first. so that when constructing the opening, the opening size with lintel (lintel) can be arranged to fit the size of the shutters and frames.

When we look at the building from the outside It can be seen that the shape of the doors and windows is an important element in the arrangement of the facade wall and the image of the building. This is because doors and windows are placed between or in place of solid walls and building joints.

Doors and door channels

door type

  • Hollow steel door and hollow steel frame.
  • Wooden door panels and favorite wooden frames.

bolt and handle

  • Door handle bolts or knobs are metal and are attached to the door leaf, working in tandem with hinges, locking systems and shock absorbers.

Direction and radius of opening and closing the door (door operation)

door frame or door frame

  • The operating direction of the door opening-closing system depends on the orientation of the door jamb. The jamb will have a certain thickness. which may be placed within the thickness of the wall Or there may be protrusions from the wall thickness.
  • An opening in the wall for installing a door frame.
  • upper frame
  • transom
  • Leave the leaves
  • Lotus next to the frame
  • The embankment, which may or may not be attached to the jamb. This will serve as a separator between the interior and exterior floors, as well as waterproofing rain and air from outside.
  • According to ADA standards, the ridge should not exceed ½” (13) and the notch slope should not exceed 1:2.
  • The brows on the threshold are on the sill piece again. It serves to close the gap under the door to keep it close to the bottom of the door, preventing wind and insects.

ADA standard for door lanes

  • The handle should be characterized by a simple grip. With one hand, no squeezing or twisting of the wrist.
  • The height from the floor to the handlebar should not exceed 48″ (1,220).
  • The underside of the door leaf height from the floor 12″ (305) should have a smooth surface throughout. or may put a protective pad so that people with wheelchairs can use the leg rests of the car to push the door open.

Type of door

  • Usually, hinges are installed in the visor on either side of the jamb that rotates back and forth on one side. Some hinges installed with double jambs do not have a visor. It rotates around the axis that is attached to it – from two sides, sometimes without hinges. But using a shock absorber mounted on the ground and the jamb on the swivel on – off on both sides
  • Requires the surrounding area for the opening-closing rotation of the door.
  • To be able to use the most convenient for entering – exiting
  • Effective in heat insulation, soundproofing and outside weather conditions. as well as being able to make a fireproof door
  • Slide rail device can be installed above the door frame or installed
  • Do not waste space in front or behind the door like a hinged door. But it can’t keep sound or protect the weather as well as it should.
  • Only 50% utilization of the doorway.
  • Can be used within in the form of sliding glass doors
  • Often used to camouflage the visibility of indoor spaces.
  • Similar to a pair of sliding doors. but can use the door opening to the full 100%
  • Do not waste space in front or behind the door. But it can’t keep sound or prevent the effects of weather as well as it should.
  • A sliding rail is attached to the top for hanging the door.
  • The slide rail device is mounted on top. and place it in the space width section inside the wall
  • When sliding hidden into the wall. Doors and walls are 100% open.
  • This type of door will be chosen when there is no space around the hinged turnstile.
  • The doors will fold the spoons together as they open.
  • The door is folded in half. It will reduce the space to open and close the door. They are mostly used to cover storage rooms and wardrobes to camouflage.
  • The hinged door is stretched together with the sub-door by hinges. and a set of wheels-sliding rails attached above the door channel to support folding-sliding while opening-closing

Hinged doors are used both inside and outside.

double sliding door Used both outside and inside

single sliding door Used both outside and inside

Concealed sliding door for interior use

Folding door for interior use

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