Don’t Be Overconfident And Use An Interlock Instead

An alcohol breathalyser interlock is connected to a car’s ignition circuit. In actuality, ignition interlocks make driving more difficult. A breathalyser or breath testing device connected to a vehicle’s ignition circuit is referred to as an alcohol interlock. This gadget measures the driver’s BAC (breath alcohol level) before he or she starts the automobile. In actuality, ignition interlocks make driving more difficult. The device discourages drivers from driving after they have taken more alcohol than the legal limit by decreasing their desire to do so. The device comes highly recommended since it effectively prevents people from driving after drinking. As a result, there is a greater level of road safety.

How should an alcohol interlock device be used?

Drivers are required to blow into interlock devices before starting their automobiles, and the measurements from these devices reveal their blood alcohol content (BAC). If the reading exceeds the permitted limit, the driver will not start the automobile. If the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the legal limit, interlocks prevent the automobile from starting for at least 5-30 minutes. This is done to avoid potentially hazardous circumstances.

After three minutes, the device will prompt the driver to perform another breath test before restarting the vehicle. If the vehicle has been stopped and restarted quickly, a fresh test is not required. Furthermore, the use of alcohol interlock devices mandates random retests for drivers. The driver must blow into the device once again.

This time allows the driver to perform the necessary tests while the vehicle stays immobile. If the readings show a narrower range of values, the driver may continue driving. This capability is also referred to as rolling retests.

How to use it?

You may be confident that your vehicle will be fitted with interlocks that are properly utilised and maintained with the assistance of expert fitters. Following a brief overview of the device’s capabilities, the installers share their field experiences. During the installation, the participant’s spouse, partner, or other family members may be trained as well.

A lack of understanding about how to correctly puff into the gadget or obey the manufacturer’s instructions may result in faults or even endanger your life.

Is it durable?

Alcohol interlocks, like any other piece of machinery or equipment, must be tested and maintained regularly. Drivers must visit the installation place at least once a month to service and calibrate the device, which they can only do. During maintenance, the device will be examined to confirm correct operation, and the previous month’s data-logger records will be collected and forwarded to the Registrar.

A visual inspection of the vehicle and the wiring used to connect the device to the ignition circuit will also be performed by the licenced installer. This ensures that the driver did not interfere with or evade the system.

Does it show the right results?

You can’t tamper with the interlock since it’s verified regularly by an authorised installer who can identify whether the device has been tampered with. Tamper-proof seals covering all of the device’s connections and being tested at each maintenance will also be incorporated in the device.

The control module of this device is permanently linked to the vehicle, ensuring that all events are recorded even if the unit’s power supply is interrupted. It is expected that the participant would explain any documented incidences. To ensure that only natural human breath is utilised for analysis, a sensory system has been created to reject counterfeit samples.

Occasional retests on the gadget after servicing may easily identify “kerbside” assisted starts, such as consuming while driving and drinking liquor while the car is in motion.

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