Different kinds of beauty therapy courses

The social media world has put the concept of beauty into focus. Everyone wishes to fit into specific accepted beauty standards, and the vast market has even led to the creation of beauty therapy courses. On the other side of the coin, beauty is not just about makeup but also about skincare and health.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle and pollution have made people concentrate more on taking care of their health and physical appearance. There are a variety of courses to fulfil their needs.

Beauty therapy

This course contains numerous treatments and cosmetic techniques. Students are trained in every method and therapy to be graduated as beauticians and therapists. Beauty therapy is considered a modern practice, but it belongs to civilisations as old as ancient Greek and Egypt. Moreover, the concept of beauty also started in the earliest civilisations.

Beauty therapy is more than what people know in general. It has various aspects like simple makeup, nails, hair removal, tan application, tan removal, facials, pedicures, oil massages, eyelash extensions, eyebrow tints, etc. More specialised treatments like botox, skin peels, and glasses of prosecco are also prevalent.


Hairdressers also come under the category of cosmetic professionals; beauty therapy courses teach them cutting, colouring, and numerous other hair treatments. Scalp, hot oil, hair detox, moisture, and relaxation massage are some of the core hairdressing topics.

Along with these technical skills, learning soft skills also becomes mandatory as they will deal directly with the customers. After formal learning, internships are also over; students can work as independent hairdressers in various professional environments. 

Beauty spa and salon

Under this course, treatments like manicures, pedicures, and facials are taught. The scope of beauty spas and salons does not stop with skin, including hair. Body massages and hair removal come under the beauty spa and salon. Some students have different tastes and want to undertake a variety of units.

Comprehensive body, skin, and hair care is the primary goal of this course. Pampering and luxurious experiences include moisturising foot and hand soaks, attentive staff, quality products, and services.

Screen and media – makeup

It is one of the most demanding courses in the beauty industry. It is taught with a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. Under this course, lash and brow service, body treatments, waxing, skin analysis, skin science, facials, advanced specialised facials, makeup fundamentals, makeup application and removal, fashion, and runway makeup are included. Other aspects like special effects makeup, hair designing, and styling can also be found.

Remedial massage

It is a beauty cum health therapy course. Under this course, treatment of damaged, knotted, tense and immobile muscles are taught. People with muscles, tendons and bone pain can take this treatment. The healing process is fastened by remedial massage.

Depending on the problem, the pressure applied in this treatment can be solid or gentle.

Muscle problems can cause pain to radiate and other parts of the body. A remedial massage course is designed to find the source of the pain and tackle both the cause of the problem and the symptoms.

Beauty courses are popular today as these mainly support the self-esteem and confidence of an individual. It also deals with stress that is caused due to a sedentary lifestyle. Beauty therapists have a lot of job opportunities in various arenas like salons and health-related organisations.

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