Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Office Windows for Promotions

You have special offers and promotions ongoing, so you want the whole world to know. However, we’re now past the days of cardboard stars stuck to the window with Blu-Tack. Instead, you need to impress people who walk by or see pictures of your business on the internet. Therefore, you’ll appreciate these creative ideas!

Window Frosting Film

Window frosting is the best way to tell the world your important message while still retaining professionalism. As well as including the promotion itself, you can add your phone number, brand name, brand logo, and all sorts of other important information. Ultimately, what you put on the window frosting film is entirely up to you. Either way, it will attract the eye of people walking past and this can only be a good thing for your promotions.


While window frosting film offers an element of professionalism and luxury, you might decide to advertise your promotions through graphics for the colour. Like the first option, this will allow you to change your decoration whenever you need to because it’s not a permanent solution.

Not only are graphics inexpensive, but the colour you include on the graphic is likely to capture the attention of all those who walk past. Use bright colours and tell the world about your special offer; if all goes well, people will take note of the graphic and come inside for more information.

Generate Curiosity

Whether you use window frosting film, graphics, or even another technique, one of the best things that you can do is generate curiosity. When people are intrigued, they’re more likely to visit your website, phone your number, or come inside. Since this article is about offices rather than storefronts, you can encourage people to visit your website to learn more about your products/services.

How do you create a sense of intrigue? Don’t give all the information away immediately. Naturally, there’s a fine line between generating curiosity and frustrating prospective customers. However, you can still give some information away without telling them everything (and thus removing the need for people to visit your website!).

Customer Reviews

These days, customers respond to real people. Therefore, continually shouting about your own services just isn’t going to work. Of course, you’re going to say that your services are the best because you’re biased. With this, another top tip is to put customer reviews on the office window – this is a form of social proof.

Before making purchasing decisions, people tend to look for honest reviews from real customers. What better way to help people make decisions than by providing this information for them? Take a review from Google, your website, or another source and display it proudly on your window alongside the promotion information.

Use a Business-Related Graphic

Finally, you could also complement the promotion information with a graphic related to your business. For example, some businesses use maps on their windows to show where they operate or where the business originated. If the business started in Victoria, put a map on the window with the home of the office in the centre.


Window frosting film is often seen as the most professional, stylish solution for businesses. With film, it’s easy to change the coating every so often to display the latest information. If you want to stick with one film, just keep the information simple (in other words, information that is still relevant years from now!).

Whatever you choose for your business, make sure it fits with the style of the products and services you offer!

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