Comprehensive insurance for agricultural tractors

Tractors and other tractor units are obligatory for agriculture and forestry. As with moving any other vehicle, there is a risk that this will cause damage that may put the tractor owner under financial pressure. Anyone who takes part in public road traffic with a tractor or tractor is therefore obliged to take out appropriate tariff insurance. It at least covers statutory liability. This is the only way to ensure that a third party will not be left with a loss.

A partial cover insurance guarantees, at:

  • theft
  • Fire damage
  • Natural damage
  • Damage after collisions with animals

The latter can be important for the operation of harvesting machines. Animals sometimes overlooked in meadows and grain fields. And under certain circumstances, both animals and machinery lost.

The average farm tractor insurance cost:

The average cost for tractor insurance depends on various factors and is different in different situations.

  • with the same risks as partial coverage
  • in the event of damage caused by yourself
  • Damage from vandalism and theft

Fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurance?

Three questions will clarify the concept. Whether partial or fully comprehensive insurance makes sense:

  • How old is the vehicle or what is the current value of the vehicle?
  • If the car financed?
  • In the event of a total loss or theft, could the vehicle be replaced from your own resources?

Current test reports

There are currently no independent test reports on vehicle insurance for agricultural tractors. Since the insurance needs of farmers is so special, it is advisable at this point, less rely on reviews of research firms but rather to individual advice and finding appropriate insurance solutions help of an expert.

Tips and comparison to tractor insurance

Before taking out tractor insurance or insurance for agricultural tractors, you should clarify the following questions in advance:

  • Do I have to insure my tractor or my vehicle?
  • Would I like to insure it individually or as part of a vehicle fleet insurance?
  • Would I like to take out partial or fully comprehensive insurance?
  • Which risk code and which license plate does my tractor have?

I also use the tractor outside of my agricultural activity

Protect your agricultural tractors ideally

Enter your specific professional activity and select “Small fleet” in the next step in order to compare tariffs for securing your tractor units.

Tractor insurance benefits

Basically, the tractor insurance is like in their services of private car insurance. If you have the services of motor vehicle liability insurance- and hull insurance. it is known by security of your car. The coverage within fleet insurance also offers this scope of services.

It is a very suitable modality, since, as its name suggests, it expands the basic coverage of the compulsory insurance of your tractor. As you know, to do your job, you need to have your Mandatory Tractor Insurance up to date extended Third Party Insurance for tractors, includes other guarantees the coverage of theft, fire, windows, etc.

Now that you know the types of insurance for your agricultural machinery. You only need the last step. Access our online tractor insurance comparator and get your cheap tractor insurance with the best offer on the market. We guarantee it.

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