Colva Beach-The best place for enjoying a vacation in Goa

Goa in West India is a popular destination known for its beaches. A lot of domestic and international tourists visit Goa for spending their dream vacation and honeymoon with their loved ones. South Goa has attractive beach locations that allow visitors to enjoy their vacation with more excitement. Colva beach is one among them because it caters to the needs of visitors when they want to plan their holidays. Moreover, tourists can perform various outdoor activities on this beach to experience more pleasure. 

Places to visit near Colva Beach

  1. Benaulim Beach and village 

Benaulim beach is just 30 km away from Panjim, the capital city of Goa. This beach is a sacred place for both Hindus and Christians. Visitors can find paddy fields in Benaulim village which is 11 km from the beach. The best thing about the beach is that it is famous for fishing. A dolphin cruise is the main attraction of this beach and tourists can spot dolphins with ease. The beach is ideal for those who want to taste fresh and delicious seafood. 

  1. BurnzamGhor

Tourists who want to know the architectural styles of Goa can visit this place. Built-in 1790, this mansion building has a double storied façade. The building has seven gables once. At present, it has only three gables and the entry is free for all visitors. 

  1. Church of Our Lady of Mercy

The church of our lady of Mercy is one of the places to visit on Colva beach who want to see the statue of Infant Jesus which is said to be found on the Mozambique coast. It was brought to Goa by Fr Bento Ferreiraand installed in the church in 1648. 

  1. Portuguese style villas

Anyone who visits Colva beach should consider visiting Portuguese-style villas because they are elegant and beautiful. They enable visitors to understand the structural works of the Portuguese in detail. Some of the villas function as resorts and tourists can choose them while making a trip. 

  1. Betul Beach 

Betul Beach is a perfect destination for visitors who want to relax their minds in a calm and peaceful environment. The beach is not crowded and tourists can enjoy the cool and carry out some activities on the silvery sand. 

  1. Sernabatim Beach 

Sernabatim Beach is just 2 km away from Colva Beach. It is the ultimate place for swimming activity. Apart from that, those who want to view the sunset in the early morning can visit this beach. 

  1. Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is one of the places to visit in Colva beach because it allows visitors to chill out in a peaceful environment. The beach is the right place for performing a lot of adventurous activities enabling visitors to ensure more excitement. Not only that, the beach is well-known for its seafood items with delicious tastes.

  1. Utorda Beach 

Utorda Beach is one of the clean and gorgeous beaches in South Goa. It allows tourists to rejuvenate themselves in spas and is an amazing choice for a leisure vacation. Three king’s chapel is one of the hidden gems to explore on this beach. The beach also has a few shacks for visitors to taste a variety of seafood items. 

  1. Gonsua Beach 

Gonsua Beach is just 1.8 km from Colva beach and visitors can do a variety of adventurous activities with a family and others. 

  1. Mahalaxmi temple 

Mahalaxmi temple is one of the places to visit on Colva beach because the deity in the temple is said to have a linga on her head. Anyone who wants to live a peaceful life can visit this temple as the goddess fulfills their needs. 

Top tips to make a trip to the Colva beach

  1. Best time to visit Colva beach 

The best time to visit theColva beach in South Goa is from November to February. This is because the temperature will be mild allowing visitors to enjoy a vacation accordingly.

2.Knowing the dangerous areas for swimming 

Although the Colva beach is perfect for swimming, visitors shouldn’t use the dangerous areas marked for the activity failing which will lead to drowning. 

  1. Choosing the best hotels 

Tourists who want to make a trip to theColva beach should consider selecting the best hotels such as the Leela Goa to experience a sophisticated environment. The beach hotel is 17.6 km from Colva beach that offers excellent facilities for guests. It is ideal for those who want to plan their honeymoon or vacation in luxury spaces. 

  1. Packing the right clothes 

Tourists should consider packing the right clothes before planning a trip to Goa including Colva beach. They should carry sunscreen, hats, and swimming clothes that will help reduce discomfort or other problems. 

  1. Budgeting 

Budget is the most important factor to keep in mind while making a trip to the Colva beach in Goa. This is because the hotel prices may vary and tourists should know them in detail which will help them make an informed decision.

  1. Nightlife 

Goa is popular for its nightlife and many bars offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for tourists. The Colva beach is an ideal destination for those who want to celebrate their night parties with others to ensure maximum enjoyment. 

  1. Medical kit 

It is wise for tourists to carry a medical kit with them while planning a trip to the Colva beach. 

  1. Knowing the climate

Tourists should know the climate of Goa before making a trip to a beach. This, in turn, gives ways to plan a holiday or honeymoon depending without any hassles. 

  1. Safety 

The crime rates are high in Goa and visitors should follow the safety measures properly which will help experience peace of mind significantly. Tourists should make sure that the hotel rooms provide security for money and other valuable things. 

  1. Reading terms and conditions 

Several hotel booking websites are available for tourists and they should check the terms & conditions before booking rooms. Also, tourists should compare the services and rates before planning a vacation to Goa. 

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