Cigars in Australia

It’s widely believed that the Mayans were the first to enjoy cigars, back in the 10th century.  As more people were introduced to the product, it’s structure moved from tobacco wrapped in leaves to the modern-day cigar we know today.  For many, Cuban cigars are the best of the best and smoking Cubans is still considered to represent status today.

When shopping for cigars, it’s good to purchase them in person.  This allows you to handle the cigar; a good cigar feels smooth in your fingers as you roll it around.  This also allows you to smell the cigars.  Cigars have a very distinctive smell and if that smell isn’t present it’s a sign that you’re dealing with an inferior cigar.  Good cigars can also be seen by sight, ensuring that both ends are closed.  How you cut the smoking end is up to you but generally, most will choose a cutter specifically made for that purpose.  Cigars are typically lit with a simple matchstick as most cigar aficionados will tell you that modern-day lighters affect the aroma of the cigar.

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Due to varying farming processes, no two cigars will taste alike.  As with anything grown, there are good crops and bad.  It is possible to add ingredients to counteract a bad crop and as most companies have been creating their own recipe for years, if you’re purchasing within the same brand the taste should be similar.

In Australia, it is possible to purchase cigars online and have them shipped internationally, including Cuban cigars.  In general, it will take anywhere from 10-20 days for you to receive internationally shipped cigars, and they will pass through customs.  It is possible your cigars will also be taxed at customs.  If you don’t want to wait 10-20 days, or worry about added taxes, there are several cigars Australia companies for you to try.  If you’re new to smoking cigars, this can be incredibly important as you are able to ask questions, get a feel for the cigars, and make connections with other cigar smokers.  Australian cigars come in a variety of blends/flavouring as well ranging from vanilla to cherry to Irish cream.

When purchasing, understand there are different strengths of cigars, with the wide groupings of mild, medium, and bold.  You cannot tell the strength by looking, rather each type will have its strength within the description and labeling.  Those who enjoy cigars on a regular basis will tell you that there are strengths for different types of the day, such as mild cigars in the morning, and strengths for certain drinks or meals you are enjoying at the same time.

Last but not least, it’s important to understand proper storage for cigars.  You can keep cigars fresh when properly stored in your refrigerator for up to ten days.  It is widely believed that the best way to store cigars is in a humidor though.  These can be purchased in several sizes with ample options.  Do your research when considering what cigar storage you will use.

Smoking cigars is often considered a step above when discussing smoking in general.  The history is long and rich, and definitely worth learning as you head down the cigar path.

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