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Your success in online casino gambling, and life in general, correlates with how much knowledge you have. Meaning that to be exceptionally good in online gambling, you must be privy to vital information about it. While it is said that playing online casino games is mainly for fun, deep down punters want to win huge prizes from it. 

Unfortunately, there are scarce resources that can guide one to sustainable success in this industry. Those who have managed to break through would rather keep the secret of their triumph to themselves.

But thankfully, your time of being in the dark is over because our guest author, Kevin N. Cochran, who is an authority in online gambling, is here to reveal useful advice used by successful punters. In a short moment, he will give you sure tips that will help you to manage and grow your bankroll at the best no deposit bonus casino Canada.

Don’t Gamble Without A Budget

The first and most important rule of successful gambling is to always play with expendable money. Going into online casino gambling with a sum of money that will hurt you when lost is your first wrong move, and if you’ve been doing this, this is your sign to stop! The truth is that not every gambling session will be profitable, therefore, if there should ever be a loss, let it be with money you can afford to lose.

What are we saying in essence? Create a gambling budget and never deviate from it. You may have memorized all of the blackjack’s strategies or read lots of books on how to win in the game of roulette, yet all this cannot shield you from experiencing losses now and then. A budget aims to help you stack up your winnings when the going is good and to also have you protected when the game doesn’t play out in your favour.

Don’t Make Single Bets A Regular Thing

This happens more times than we would like. Some players constantly make the mistake of putting a lot of money in a single bet. While this is done with hopes of cashing out big, it is a huge risk to the player’s bankroll. Most often than not, this action leads to a huge loss of funds and the player will have to start afresh all over again.

Here’s a smarter way of making bets: do not stake an amount that is more than 1% of your bankroll on a single bet. For example, let’s say your bankroll is 100 CAD, your bet should not exceed 1 CAD. If you practice this, whenever you win, your bankroll will be boosted, and in the event of a downswing, the impact will not be much on your account.

Remember, gambling is a test of patience, and that is why only those who see the big picture and stake in small-sized chunks succeed most of the time. Don’t rush to win. Take it slowly – it’s a marathon and not a sprint. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Don’t Gamble With Your Emotions

Set your emotions aside when gambling because it causes more harm than good. Ever heard of chasing losses? That’s one of the things it leads to. Determine within yourself to only gamble with a set amount of money each day. And if it turns out that you haven’t met your daily target, or worse, you lost more than you gained, be disciplined enough to call it quits when you hit your stop loss for the day.

If your mind begins to encourage you to keep on playing after reaching your daily limit, shut the voice down immediately. Going down that route rarely yields any positive results. Therefore, it is advisable to set a stop loss before each gambling session. It’s a term borrowed from the stock market.

In the context of gambling, stop loss means quitting if you lose a certain amount of money. The best thing you will do for the rest of your bankroll at that moment is to call it quits. Tomorrow will soon arrive; let your money live to fight another day.

Always Take Your Profits

It is painful to lose both your initial deposit and profits just because you decided to keep gambling with both of them. When you get casino bonuses like free spins, the wise move is to use them to increase your funds. Once that is achieved, immediately withdraw casino bonuses and your winnings after meeting the wagering requirements. 

This should leave you with extra funds, which in the actual sense is not yours but the casino’s. So if that money is lost afterwards, it shouldn’t hurt as much since you’ve taken out your initial investment from the online casino.


Your success in online gambling is tied to your bankroll management – after all, that’s what keeps you in the game. If you can be disciplined enough to make decisions regarding your funds and stick to them, then you’re on your way to becoming a veteran at the best bonus casino canada.

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