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Four years ago I wrote down after reading an excerpt of the book “A Kick In The Assets” Tom Brandhart, a list of people I wanted to meet. Two years later, I didn’t get to meet any of them. So it was one year extra later. And then four solid years after I wrote that list I met one of them Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase,judi bola the publisher of Success Digest Extra newspaper. A month later I met another of them Mr. Dimgba Igwe, Deputy Editor of Sun Newspaper, the most popular tabloid in my country. Now you can say I’ve finally began to achieve success.

Let me shock you however…that’s not good enough.

I want to meet the richest people, the most acclaimed achievers and most successful people, not just in my country but in the world.

If you want to achieve big dreams in business, you need to step out of your circle or network of peers and associates. You need to go to a group with wider, stronger, richer connections. You need to go up a level.

How do you do that?

In my case, my stubborn inquisitiveness and constant drive brought me to the attention of other circles of people, and higher levels of networks.

For example, when I attended a seminar I ended up working with Dr. Obazu-Ojeagbase.

This caused new people to contact me. Each of these people had their own network of people. More often than not, these networks were at a higher level than anything I had ever touched before.

If you want to succeed in phenomenal ways today, you need to go up a level or two on the status scale of networks. The good news is email makes this a snap to begin.

Anyone alive can be reached through email with some persistence and cleverness. That’s how I first reached Australia’s superstar writer Rob Parnell and Internet Marketing and motivational guru Michael Lee. I did it all by email.

People write and call me now for favours. I’m now perceived as an expert, an authority, and an Internet marketing pioneer. They want to associate their name or product with me. I love to help people, so I usually at least give people a chance. But I never endorse anything without seeing, using and loving what they have. This is important for me to maintain my level.

And now people write me from higher levels, too. For example, Bola Oni, one of my country’s outstanding self help speakers’ recently called me to speak in a program of his. Bola is a man I have admired and studied for over two years.

Today we’re partners!

Keep in mind that going up a level is different than thinking out of the box. You can be creative and still stay on your current level. Brainstorming with your neighbour is most likely different than brainstorming with, say, Richard Branson, the flamboyant owner of Virgin Records.

I’m not trying to regale you with my accomplishments. What I’m trying to make you understand is this: To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you may need to rise in levels and participate with new people on a new playing field.

So the lesson today is to consider your current level, consider your goals, and consider what people outside of your network can help you achieve them. You may have to step out of your level (and comfort zone) to do it, but the step is well worth taking.

It would take an entire book to fully explain the concept of levels. I don’t have that space here. But before I end this short article, let me offer a handful of tips for going to a new level:

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