Car accident in Rockford: What is your claim worth?

On-road mishaps and accidents in Rockford and the rest of Illinois often lead to harrowing outcomes. Illinois is a tort state. If you were injured in an auto accident, you could potentially ask for compensation from the party at fault. Consider consulting a Rockford car accident attorney to know more about your rights. Top law firms in the city offer a free consultation for prospective clients, and you can get a fair assessment of your case. What is your accident claim worth? In this post, we are discussing the various aspects and factors that matter. 

Filing a car accident lawsuit

In most cases, victims file a third-party accident claim. Based on available evidence and facts, the insurance company would offer a settlement. You also have the option of filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party. The worth of your personal injury claim is mostly dependent on your injuries. The final settlement should ideally cover – 

  1. The nature and severity of your injuries
  2. The medical treatment cost so far
  3. The estimated cost of future medical treatment for the same injuries
  4. Time required to recover from your injuries
  5. Whether the accident has caused permanent damage 

Your settlement should also ideally cover lost wages. For example, if a person was severely injured in a car accident and has lost a limb, they wouldn’t possibly find gainful employment. The settlement for such lawsuits often tends to be considerably high. 

Your fault matters

While the worth of your personal injury claim depends on these above-mentioned factors, your final settlement also depends on whether you had a share in the fault. In Illinois, you cannot seek compensation from the other party if you are more than 50% at fault. Your settlement would be reduced by your fault calculated in percentage. For instance – if you get $100,000 in a settlement with a 30% fault share, your final settlement would be $70,000.  

Do you need an accident attorney?

The short answer is no. The law allows you to file your own accident lawsuit and present your case. Is this the smartest thing to do? Again, the answer is no. Hiring an accident attorney has many benefits. Your lawyer can do the following – 

  1. Evaluate whether you have a claim
  2. Help you file an accident claim/lawsuit
  3. Take care of the investigation and evidence
  4. Talk to witnesses and experts
  5. Handle all the paperwork

Talk to an attorney today to know more. 

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