Can WHS RPL give you the desired career boost?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) enables the conversion of professional experience into qualifications recognised all over Australia. Work Health and Safety (WHS) is a course designed by RPL that could allow you to learn about workplace health and safety and the Safety at Work Act. By enrolling in WHS RPL, you could develop practical skills and implement them in the workplace. Moreover, if you have experience in the WHS industry, you can receive qualifications without studying, giving you a career boost and saving a lot of time. So, if you still have doubts, let me discuss with you the reasons why RPL might be right for you.  

Gaining more access

RPL has enabled more access to non-traditional students who did not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. It is found that electricians, plumbers, and builders have worked several years in these industries and gained significant expertise. And, with WHS RPL certification, they can advance in their careers and get higher-paying job roles. So, if you do not have a formal education, your work experience can give you a much-awaited career boost you have desired for a long time. 

Learning in an informal setting

RPL acknowledges the significance of experience and expertise gained beyond the realms of the formal education system. It means that it values learning that takes place within the workplace. For example, while working as an electrician, you must have a thorough knowledge of fire hazards caused due to loose sockets or the procedure of setting up electrical wiring in homes. All these works require adherence to stringent security measures. 

The skills that you possess would not render any value without proper certification. However, with RPL, you can get relevant accreditation based on your knowledge and skill. It also allows you to identify missing skills and gaps to fulfil the requirements of a particular job role you are applying for. 

Validating self-learning

WHS RPL validates the worth of students’ self-learning, which helps them look for a new career option or get promoted. Without such certification, you may have to spend years learning skills you already possess and delay career growth. Moreover, after achieving abilities on your own, you have greater confidence about a particular work you are capable of accomplishing. Hence, it could be beneficial for you if you require formal certification for career advancement but have achieved experience through self-learning.  

Pursuing further education or training programs

When you have RPL, you can quickly progress to other training and education programmes. It can be an ideal pathway for getting a university degree or TAFE qualification. RPL can make the process much smoother if you consider completing school education. 

You need to look up any registered training organisation near you, and if you have specialised in electricity services or construction work, you can get RPL through any of them. Also, you will not have to invest a lot of time and effort to earn the qualification as you have acquired skills beforehand. After doing so, you can complete your studies at any educational institution in Australia.

RPL recognises skills and knowledge of an individual gained through previous work and real-life experiences. The RPL process is an effective means for employees to add value to these skills by acquiring relevant certifications. It could benefit employees to improve their CV, get a hike in wages and save time and money.   

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