August Deals for your Restaurant

August is a month chock full of celebrations. What else can you do except provide your clients some benefits and freebies to mark these occasions?

The Summer season may be coming to an end in August. It’s a perfect opportunity to increase the enthusiasm in your bar, diner, or café.

Giving your consumers a reason to return for more and to feel cherished is the primary goal of these celebrations and festivities.

Offer discounts, vouchers, and coupons to entice customers to dine at your establishment. Promotional vouchers, deals, and other enticing schemes are simple to develop.

To make everything quick and easy, you can use a digital restaurant menu QR code app for your restaurant. You can generate these promotions utilizing the program and customize it to appeal to your target audience.

Without further ado, use these August Deals ideas in your marketing strategies.

Cheers to International Beer Day

Most restaurants and bars participate in this event every first Friday in August to honor the best flavors of brewed beers. As a result, you can design promotions that encourage customers to eat at your restaurant.

As a result, you can create a QR code for a promotion voucher for potential clients. So that customers can get freebies and discounts at your physical location, let them enjoy the QR code hunt in your bar or brewery.

In addition, you can keep your marketing tactics simple by extending a happy hour from open to closing. You can provide discounted beers in your shop using such. Alternately, you may offer August birthday celebrants complimentary booze.

Chill and read books at the café

Holding book reading events at your café can also entice coffee enthusiasts, especially during chilly summer nights. You can typically invite authors or local writers to share the books they love with other book lovers.

With this event, you can offer your customers some discounted café lattes or Frappuccino as complimentary drinks.

You’ll inevitably be engaging with bigger crowds during these events. Hence, you can use menu QR codes to cater to your audience.

A QR code menu during a book reading event allows you to minimize background noise so your customers can fully immerse in the session.

Customers can just quickly scan the code, place an order, and pay without having to call for a waitstaff.

Be a busy bee during Honeybee Day.

Honoring Honeybee Day enables you to support your neighborhood beekeepers and, of course, their bees.

You can collaborate with them and give your chef permission to experiment with honey-based meals as a tribute to your neighborhood honeybee stations.

Aside from that, you can provide your clients with a gourmet dish that has honey on it by doing this.

You can also ask skilled mixologists to make a bubbly cocktail with honey and freebies and give your customers some honey candies.

Everyone loves crispy slices of bacon!

National Bacon Lover’s Day is a fun August celebration for those who enjoy bacon. Take advantage of August promotion ideas that honor bacon!

You can provide several burgers, sandwiches, and free bacon as part of the meal. Additionally, you may suggest to your clients a tasty snack of beer and bacon strips.

Hence, you can achieve this by including a QR code for an interactive menu in your digital menu app. You can recommend these things to your customers using this app on the restaurant’s website and online ordering page.

However, there’s still more! Desserts can also include bacon. Add bacon ice cream, bacon-flavored cupcakes, and other desserts to your menu to appeal to clients who love bacon.

All about potatoes

Celebrate how versatile potatoes are as a component in your dishes. Because of their versatility, potatoes can be used to create a variety of upscale dishes.

For instance, you could serve potato-based foods on National Potato Day. Offer your customers some delicious and mouthwatering foods with a potato theme.

You can serve them potato salad with additional veggies or a plate of stuffed fries with ground beef, cheese, and other ingredients.

Thus, you can serve these gourmet potato dishes at a lower price during this event and update your menu QR code as such.


Now that we have some suggestions for August Deals for your restaurant. It’s essential to step up your marketing efforts and highlight these occasions to show your clients that you value their business.

You will engage with larger crowds at these events, increasing your revenue.

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