Aspects You Need to Know About Commercial Juice Extractor Today

A juice extractor is a machine that uses electricity to extract juice from vegetables and fruits. It is also called a juicer.

This article will look into the commercial juicer. A commercial juice extractor makes juice by crushing and grinding the fruits and vegetables. This article is handy for those who need to buy a juice extractor for commercial use.

With the people’s obsession with living a healthy and nutritious life, the juice extractor is becoming so much in use both commercially and at home. Juice extractors can be found in our local supermarkets and online shops. Fresh juice made from the juice extractor tastes better than commercially made juice with added chemicals. Consider the following factors when buying a juice extractor:


When buying any product, its durability Is an essential factor one should consider. Buy a juice extractor made of solid stainless steel and aluminum. The quality of the product also determines the prices of the juice extractors.


Different types of juice of various sizes are available in the market. Consider the space where you want to put your juice if it fits. Also, before purchasing a juice extractor, consider how many liters of juice you want to make per day. Juicers with larger chutes have higher capacity. They also save time as you will not need to cut the fruits into small pieces during extraction.


In as much as you will be considering a juice extractor according to your budget, take note that a higher price juicer will equal a higher juice production. Juicers of higher prices will produce a higher amount of good quality juice. Moreover, juicers of higher prices have a more extended warranty. Products with longer warranties have good quality.

Easy to use, clean, and maintain

Go for a juicer that takes little time to assemble and disassemble the parts during cleaning. Also, choose a juice that is easy to operate. The juicer should be efficient and should not require a lot of steps when processing juice.

Types of vegetables and fruits

When buying a juicer, consider one that can process a variety of vegetables and fruits. Masticating juice extractors are the best in producing juice from different kinds of fruits and vegetables. A masticating juicer will be able to process varieties of these fruits and vegetables; hence it will suit the diverse needs of the customers.


Centrifugal juice has a higher speed than compared to masticating juicers. Although masticating juicers are slower than centrifugal juicers, they are known to have different speed control. A commercial juice extractor should have a faster processing speed. It will help you to serve your customers efficiently.


Noise from juicers can be annoying, especially when in a place where quietness is needed. Masticating juicers are mostly quieter than centrifugal juicers.


Consider the above tips for better customer service when purchasing a commercial juicer. You will also have ample time during your work. Check commercial juice extractor price in Kenya.

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