All You Need To Know About A Sand-Free Towel

Every trip to the beach can be annoying due to all the sand that gets stuck; therefore, to fully enjoy it, you need a sand-free beach towel. The Aussie sand free beach towel is the perfect fit for this to be made possible.

Everyone’s been in situations where they’ve had to brush off the sand sticking to their clothes and bodies after a good day at the beach. It’s not a great feeling, and it makes you feel itchy and uncomfortable.

Australia has a coastline longer than that of any country in the entire world. With over 12,000 beaches waiting for you, you don’t want to be unprepared. One way to avoid such a situation is to have a sand-free towel with you when you’re at the beach.

A Sand-free Beach Towel

The most intriguing part of the beach towel is that it’s sand-free. This allows you to literally leave the beach at the beach.

There are multiple benefits of doing so, for example, improving our environment and preventing you from bringing home a pool of sand.

Additionally, it is very compact and can be fit anywhere.

Additional Benefits of Sand Free Beach Towel

There are countless benefits of having a towel that is sand free. All of these are listed below.

  • Sand-free

The towel is a revolutionary product in itself. The Absorblite microfiber technology which is a mixture of polyester and polyamide created a sand free beach towel allows you to be stress-free at all times.

  • Ultra-absorbency

It has a huge water holding capacity and can hold up to one litre of water. It is incredibly efficient and doesn’t let any water or sand stick to you.

  • It dries quickly

It dries reasonably quickly in around half the time of a regular towel. The towel comes with a nylon carrying bag that ensures that everything remains dry in your beach travel bag.

Reasons to Travel With This Quick-Dry Towel

The towel is single size, lightweight and compact, and is your ideal travel partner.

It is multipurpose and can be used as a beach towel, pool towel, yoga mat or even a picnic blanket. You can also make the most of it by using it as an extra layer blanket when temperatures fluctuate in the plane.

Additionally, these towels can be washed easily and come with the guarantee of a lifetime.


The towels usually come in two sizes; single and towel for two.

  • Single size towel is perfect for yoga and lounging beside the pool. Its dimensions are 63 X 31 inches.
  • Double towel for two works great for the beach or even for picnicking in the park. Its dimensions are 63 X 63 inches.


The sand free beach towel is available in a wide array of colours and patterns and also has whimsical names like ‘between two palms’ and ‘into the wild’. This is the perfect opportunity for you to surf through all available designs and pick the one that aligns best with your personality.

Summing Up

The Australian urge to spend most of a person’s time on the beach is unbeatable. However, what you can beat is the post-beach stress and hassle.

The Aussie sand free beach towel is a saviour in so many aspects. It allows you the freedom of visiting the beach without worrying about carrying back sand with you.

It is lightweight, compact and available in a meticulous variety of colours.



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