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From the beginning of human existence humans have known that weather is a force that we cannot change. With the development of technology, today we have been able to predict the weather and climate accurately. Predicting the weather is of utmost importance to certain professions namely fishermen, farmers, street vendors and others who earn their livelihood under the sky. Even for the general population, knowing what the weather will be that day or the next couple of days will determine whether they can go out on a picnic, spend the day at the beach or go swimming in the river.

If it’s going to be a rainy day, we can prepare ourselves by taking umbrellas or raincoats. If it’s going to be colder or hotter than usual, we can dress appropriately. Only a few years ago, we depended on the weather report announced on the television or radio to be updated on the weather. This information couldn’t be accessed by most people at their convenience.

AccuWeather Android App

But the invention of the smartphone has changed all of that. Today many apps have been designed to help us stay aware of even the slightest changes in weather and climate patterns. AccuWeather is one of the most popular ones today, because of the ease to use it and the accuracy that it provides. Once you download the app and allow it to access your location, you will be given the most precise information pertaining to the weather in that specific location.

Once you open the app, you will be shown the temperature and the real feel temperature at that particular moment, at the top of the homepage. Below that is displayed the average temperature of that day, that night and the next day.

As you scroll down further you will come across another chart showing you the length of the day and the night, and the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. Further down you will see a list that includes the temperature, Wind speed and direction, UV index, Humidity, Dew point, Pressure, Cloud Cover, visibility and Cloud Ceiling. At the bottom of the page, you get the Current Air Quality, and when you click on that you can see more information about Current Pollutants and their levels at that moment, including Ozone, Particulate Matter, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide levels.

Further down you will see Allergy Outlook and finally at the bottom there is a number of articles showing weather related news from around the world.  On the other pages you can access the weather for the next few hours or days, so that you can plan out your activities accordingly. In the settings you can decide the units of the different values, time format and display mode as well.

Download Weather Application for Android TV

There are many Weather applications for Android TV and Fire TV devices. You will see many similar weather applications if you search on Play Store or Amazon App store. Many Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices does not have Play Store or Amazon App store on their devices. Use AppLinked, FileSynced or Unlinked on those devices.

TV app stores like AppLinked and FileSynced does not work like Play Store. Those app stores have multiple app stores created by TV users all around the world. You have to use code to access those stores. If you use FileSynced, you have to find FileSynced codes to access FileSynced stores. There are many popular FileSynced stores full of Movies, TV shows and Live TV apps.

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