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A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean a Grill Cover

After the extended lockdown restrictions, people are more likely to update their outdoor living space. Undoubtedly, besides patio furniture, one of the essential outdoor living appliances is a barbecue grill, for sure.

However, only having a costly BBQ isn’t enough if you fail to protect it from the external elements. Keeping it protected with a cover is essential. But, what about tidiness? Would you wish to see your BBQ cover with a lot of dirt and dust on it? No, Right?

So, what’s the way? Well, you can’t prevent your BBQ cover from getting dirt and dust. However, you can apply periodic cleaning to make the cover tidy. The below step-by-step guide will eventually help you to clean your BBQ covers. Let’s have a look!

1. Accumulate the Supplies

To start with, you’ll need to accumulate the right supplies. You’ll require a container of water, a gentle dish cleanser, a soft bristle brush, a garden hose, and clean towels.

2. Remove the BBQ Cover

If the BBQ cover isn’t excessively grimy, you can do some light cleaning while on the barbecue. If the cover seems too dirty with soil or oil stains, you’ll need to take the cover off and then apply a thorough cleaning.

Use the grips at the top of the cover to pull the cover off the barbecue. Subsequently, shake it well to get the dry debris out of the cover.

3. Spray water

Next, keep the BBQ cover on the ground and use the garden hose to spray water on it. Doing this action will remove the dust and dirt from the cover. Next, Flip the cover and repeat the same process on the opposite side.

4. Applying Gentle Scrubbing with Dish Cleanser

Blend a couple of drops of dish cleanser with water. The proportion shouldn’t be definite. A few drops of dish cleanser are enough for the cleaning process.

Take the soft bristle brush and begin to scrub the cover. If the cover has multiple deep stains, apply a bit of raw cleanser and wait a couple of minutes to let it dry. Then, start scrubbing again with the brush. Doing the same will eventually take the stains away from the cover.

5. Clean the Inside of the Cover

Sometimes, the oil from your barbecue can get within the cover and make it tacky. In such circumstances, you can flip the cover inside out and apply a gentle scrubbing with the cleanser.

6. Dry the Cover

Once you complete the cleaning process, it’s time to let the cover dry. You can hang the cover in an open place where it can get direct sunlight.

7. Re-Cover Your Grill

When the cover is adequately dried, you can again use it to cover up your BBQ.

Some Helpful Tips to Remember

  1. Never think of washing your BBQ cover in the washing machine.
  2. Apply periodic cleaning with a soft bristle brush. It will prevent permanent stains and help to remove dust and dirt.
  3. Let the BBQ and the cover dry appropriately after each wash, and then put the cover again.


So, with these easy steps, you’ll be able to clean your BBQ cover in less time and effort. So, if you found this article helpful, please provide your feedback in the comment section and do let us know your experience with cleaning your BBQ cover.

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