A must know Before Buying Decra Mabati in Kenya

When building a house, whetherit’s your dream house or rentals, you need pleasant roofing solutions that are not only long-lasting but also attractive to the eye. This article shall discuss some factors you should consider before buying decra mabati and how to use them to your advantage.


There are different kinds of roofing solutions, and one of the best ones is decra mabati – if you can point out the original from the fake ones. Below are some factors to consider before buying it. They can also assist in determining whether or not it is authentic.


When buying decra mabati, it is criticalto ensure that you do so from a trusted,reputable brand. You can check if the manufacturer offers any product information to the audience. The customer reviews should back up the manufacturers’ claims about the mabati. The availability of different brands in the market has greatly affected the decra mabati prices in Kenya due to competition.


You’re now inside the shop of your trusted brand. What do you check first? The quality of the mabati being sold should be top of the list. Authentic decra mabati is made up of a steel core coated with aluminium and zinc. Aluminium provides a protective barrier as zinc makes up the superficial protection.

It is then coated with natural stone chips, which improve its beauty and give an additional layer of protection, especially from the weather. You can bend it a little,if it exposes the steel core, then the quality is questionable. You can also check how long the warranty is. It shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has with their products.


After establishing that it is of good quality, you can check if it has a wide range. Some people who dare to explore would like more than one color on their roofor to use larger sheets than normal. Is the product range wide enough to accommodate your imagination and make them a reality? If not, is there room for compromise?

You should check the range of colors they have. The more, the merrier. The sizes and dimensions available should be flexible according to your needs or at least meet you halfway. The decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya might change with the range depending on which type is on demand.

Ease of installation

Installation should not be complex. The mabati should be lightweight so that it’s not cumbersome to move and install. But this should not be at the expense of the quality of the mabati and its strength.All the properties of decra mabati should be preserved to give you a good experience that is bound to last. It should be strong and able to endure through all seasons while maintaining its look.


Decra mabati is an agreeable roofing solution that can actualize your visionsand give you a satisfying outcome. You can try and see for yourself the masterpiece that the decra mabati can create.

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