7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Box Trailer

Purchasing an enclosed trailer would be an excellent investment if you are a proud handyman business owner or you often operate out of your physical office. It allows for an easy way to carry around your tools, especially if your day-to-day job requires a lot of movement. And even if you plan to go for a long-awaited fishing trip, a box trailer will offer you convenience.

That said, before you make your purchase, consider some of the following factors. These essential things will ensure you only buy a premium quality enclosed trailer!

1. Trailer Size

This is one of the primary factors that will influence your purchase. The trailer size you choose entirely depends on your purpose and what and how much you plan to carry in the trailer. Most cage trailer companies will offer you several sizes of trailers to suit your specific requirement.

2. Towing Capacity

Much like any trailer purchase, it’s essential to double-check your vehicle’s towing capacity. And this information is offered in the vehicle’s manual.

An enclosed trailer is a lot heavier than a regular car trailer, so make sure you know the towing capacity of the trailer before committing to one!

3. Weight Capacity

Up next is another critical factor you need to be mindful of! The trailer’s weight capacity will determine how much load it would be able to bear. So the trailer size is not the sole factor that matters in this regard.

Considering the load you plan to cart around in the trailer, you can talk to a trailer expert to ensure that a particular trailer capacity fits your needs.

4. Cage Removal

Box or enclosed trailers are perfectly safe as they allow you to fill the trailer with a higher load without any safety concerns. As such, you are least likely to lose your load in the middle of the roads. Although, at the end of your trip, you need to make sure that the cage is easy to remove to offer more convenience.

5. Brakes

Enclosed trailers offer two options: either purchase one with brakes or without brakes. As such, a trailer with brakes will demand additional maintenance, so only buy it if you can ensure regular maintenance checks. Moreover, if you plan to buy a large-sized enclosed trailer, they will likely come with brakes.

Also, make sure to check Australian regulations to check whether it’s necessary to have brakes in the trailer or not. Besides, a trailer with a gross mass of 750kg or less, with one axle, does not require a braking system!

6. Axles

Besides brakes, choosing the trailer with the correct number of axles is another essential factor. As such, you will find options from a single-axle enclosed trailer to a larger tandem enclosed trailer. Again, make sure you are clear about the load you intend to carry in the trailer.

7. Quality

Last but not least, quality is the most significant factor of all. If you buy a cage trailer crafted with premium quality strong steel, you are less likely to face troubles on the road. It’s also essential to ensure that the trailer is welded appropriately to confirm all the joins are correctly fixed and will last for a long journey.

A box trailer is easy-to-use, affordable, and extremely practical, easily a dream come true for every handyperson. So whether you want to transport your gardening tools or work equipment to and fro the worksite, an enclosed trailer will make the long-distance easier! And if you want to make the right purchase, consider all the factors, from the quality, weight and towing capacity to the number of breaks and axles. Then, your trailer will last long. So, think of all aspects before you make your pick!

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