5 Reasons to Head South for the Winter

Some people just don’t like snow – some people don’t even like temps that tend to dip below 40!

If you are not a lover of chillier weather, you may want to head south for the winter to escape it. Whether you are looking at Fort Lauderdale houses for sale for a permanent residence or checking out beachside resorts in Miami, there are lots of reasons to head in that direction outside of the better temperatures.

1. Trade Snow Drifts for Sand Dunes

There are so many beaches to choose from down south, whether you’re looking for a crowded hip scene or somewhere to lay low and grab a tan.

Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is known for golf resorts and beaches and waterways that are ideal for paddling. If you don’t have a golf simulator or an indoor jacuzzi with a heater, you better plan your escape before winter!

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in Alabama are both kid-friendly for families and hip for fun nights out on the town.

Tybee Island in Georgia is laid back, offering bike-friendly trails and a charming downtown.

2. You Don’t Need To Wait for Warmth To Get Good Grilling

Have you ever craved ribs or slow smoked pork, but can’t do it simply because there’s a foot of snow outside your door and you can’t get to your grill or smoker?

Down south, grill and smoker-heavy foods are paramount, with a strong barbecue scene. Not only are the meats top-notch, but the sides like collard greens, cornbread, and beans are also mouthwatering.

Check out Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas; Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Missouri; or Old Hickory BBQ, Owensboro, Kentucky.

3. Southern Hospitality

It’s true what they say about Southern charm – folks in the south are just generally nicer.

Greeting strangers is the norm, as is having a friendly random conversation.

Civility and chivalry are tenets of the American south that are alive and well – so don’t be afraid to wave hi to your neighbor, even if it’s a temporary one at your vacation spot.

4. There Are Many Attractions Outside of Beaches

You can hit up Disney World, time your trip for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and pick from many historic sites to visit during your time in the south.

You can take a trolley tour through Old Savannah and experience the beautiful covered oak trees among the historical sites. Visit Helen, Georgia, which makes you feel like you’re walking among a small Alpine village with its colorful and quaint buildings.

5. Locals Love Their Sports

There are many national teams in the south: Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Marlins, Atlanta Falcons, Charlotte Hornets, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Heat, to name a few.

There is also an enormous following for and pride in college-level athletics. Whether you love the ACC or SEC, there’s a college football team for everyone here. Popular college football teams in the area include the Clemson Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide, South Carolina Gamecocks, Ole Miss Rebels, Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, Florida Gators, and Virginia Tech Hokies – among many others.

There’s always an event to attend – or tailgate at before.

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