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5 Important Plumbing Tips That Every Homeowner Should be Aware of

Even though plumbing is one of the most critical factors that need to be maintained in order for a house to remain functional, most people don’t even acknowledge it. 

Most people don’t even think about it until there’s a problem they have to deal with that ends up costing hundreds. Dealing with major plumbing problems can do more internal damage than you can imagine.

So, instead of waiting for an issue to arise and hiring plumbers for it, follow these top plumbing tips to prevent problems from ever occurring:

Know Where the Water Main is

Do you know where the water from the backyard hose or your water filtration system comes from? 

The water main is the central access point for all the water going into your home. It is crucial to know where this is located and how to use its shutoff valve to cut the water in case of emergencies.

Shutting off the water main needs to be your priority if you’re performing a plumbing project or have to deal with a burst pipeline or leak.

Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

Although you might not notice it, oil and grease can build up quickly if you dump it down the drain instead of properly disposing of it. Even though they are liquids, oil and grease will clog your pipes, leading to significant plumbing issues.

Be Careful with Drainage Pipes

If you’re planning a DIY or home renovation project involving drilling holes or pounding nails into the wall, determine if there are any supply pipes behind your working area. This simple task can save you from punctured lines, which would be a hassle to fix.

Locate pipes behind walls effortlessly using tools like a stud finder. If you need to do it more frequently, ideally, you should invest in an endoscopic camera.

Don’t Flush Everything

There are certain things that you need to flush, and then there are items that should never get near your toilet in the first place.

Flushing basically anything other than bodily waste and toilet paper down the toilet might cause it to block up and leave you with some serious clogs to deal with. This includes:

  • Medical waste
  • Hygiene products
  • Cotton balls
  • Deceased pets

If you’ve never flushed any unnecessary items down the toilet, there may be additional causes for your toilet getting clogged frequently.

Get a Professional Inspection

While a few nuggets of knowledge and some handy tools can solve many plumbing issues that you might frequently deal with, they can’t fix every plumbing problem. You’ll likely have to hire a professional plumber if you’re in an emergency or dealing with persistent problems.

Look around and ask friends, neighbors, and family members for recommendations when searching for a reliable plumbing service. When hiring a new plumber for the first time, ideally, you should ask for a home inspection to give you an analysis of all the issues you have.

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