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4 Tips to Focus on Before Getting Your Bathroom Renovated

Bathrooms are the most common and popular renovation project a homeowner undertakes. Even the slightest imperfections and blemishes catch the attention and can ruin the overall aesthetics. A bathroom renovation can add value to the home by delivering the functionality and comfort required in everyday life.

By hiring the right service provider for bathroom renovations, you can create your dream bathroom that meets lifestyle requirements. From tiling to accessories to introducing various colour schemes, you can customise your bathroom in your own distinct way.

Renovating a bathroom is the extension of one’s personal choice and style. Hence, before hiring the contractor, here are some tips for you.

  • Make a Budget

You must consider several factors while determining the budget for a bathroom renovation. First, think about how long you will live in the house. If it is for just a few years, you could do the renovation on a small scale. If you plan to stay for a long time, get it done on a larger scale for a better return on investment. 

You may also differentiate between necessity and luxury. For example, getting a towel warmer might be a luxury if you are working with a low budget. Also, if mobility could be an issue in the future, a walk-in shower is better than a tub. 

A bathroom renovation can cost you anything between $10,000 and $30,000. Also, keep about 15 per cent of your budget separate for other expenses to meet various requirements that may crop up along the way. 

  • Lighting Needs

Careful placement of lights and mirrors is a vital consideration in bathroom renovations. And you can never have too many lights for a bathroom. Good lighting can make a small space look bigger, improving the ambience. Plus, you don’t have to fuss over the shadows as you get your makeup or hair done. 

It is best to have an LED pot light combined with some decorative lighting. For example, if you have a generous-sized bathroom, you can install about 3 LED pot lights in the main space, one in the shower, and a couple of scone lights on the sides of the mirror. Also, try to avoid installing ceiling-inset downlights directly over light-coloured countertops as it causes the light to reflect.

  • Accessibility

A vital fact to consider when cleaning bathrooms is accessibility and ease of cleaning. If you are not happy with the existing footprint of your bathroom, you need to make changes in its layout for better utilisation of the space. 

A bathroom needs cleaning regularly, and minimising shower crevices and hard-to-clean corners can be a bonus. You can opt for walk-in showers with glass panels or frameless and semi-frameless showers. You can also discuss the choice of the shower with your contractor to ensure maximum utilisation of your bathroom space. No matter what type of shower you choose, looking for a water-saving shower head that also produces good pressure is best.

  • Avoid Temptations

Changes in plans are common in bathroom renovations as visualising things offers much more clarity. You can make easy changes like adding a shower niche, an extra light, or a backsplash. However, altering the shower’s size or changing the location of fixtures after the project’s start can increase complexity and cause delays. 

A bathroom renovation can be a hefty investment, and you must get it right. Consider the above-discussed factors to get a heads up regarding the most vital aspects of renovation and the common mistakes you can avoid. Also, make sure you discuss every detail of your renovation project with the contractor to prevent changes at the last minute and incurring additional costs.   

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