4 Clever Ways to Keep Your Portable Fridge Properly Maintained

Spending time outdoors can be a refreshing break from your routine. But it would be best if you could make your outdoor stay more comfortable by bringing some of the modern conveniences you can generally find at home. For example, portable mini-fridges can make camping in the wild more enjoyable. But before deciding to buy a portable fridge for your next camping adventure, you need to learn how to care for these devices to make them last longer.

Like most appliances, taking care of your portable fridge can help it function properly. The best ways to keep your portable fridge at its prime are:

Tip #1: Never Forget to Defrost

One of the first things you must keep in mind when taking care of your portable fridge is defrosting it regularly. Frost buildup can lessen the refrigerating capacity and fridge life.

As a rule, you should start defrosting your fridge once it begins to accumulate 3mm up to a quarter of an inch of ice in the freezer. Even if you buy a portable fridge with an “auto-defrost” label, it does not mean that the device is frost-free. It would be best if you still take some time to defrost it after every use.

How to Defrost Properly:

  • Take out all food, drinks, and other items from the fridge
  • Turn the machine off
  • Let the fridge door remain open
  • Put several dry towels inside the refrigerator to absorb excess moisture from the melted ice
  • Wipe the fridge interior once every inch of ice is already melted before switching it on.

It is also best to place several hot water trays in the freezer compartment to speed up the process. You also need to avoid using sharp objects like knives to chip the ice off.

Tip #2: Keep it Clean

Keeping the portable fridge clean is another important secret to making the device last for years. It would help to start cleaning it as soon as the defrosting process is over.

Clean your portable fridge using a soft cloth and mild liquid detergent. You may also use a soft brush to eliminate all the dust gathered in the condenser. It is also ideal for cleaning all the door seals since these parts can accumulate dirt after some time. You need to do this process at least once a year for proper maintenance.

Tip #3: Inspect the Door Locking Mechanism

If the door of your portable fridge will not close properly, you will begin to notice the buildup of frost inside the fridge. It will affect the performance of the device eventually.

You can check if the door can close appropriately by putting a piece of paper between the door. If you can still feel the resistance after pulling the piece of paper, it means the door can still close efficiently.

Tip #4: Invest in a Fridge Cover

Portable fridges must have an extra layer of protection, especially if you plan to use them regularly for your outdoor trips. Getting a fridge cover helps protect the device from scratches and other minor exterior damages. It will also block dust and dirt from getting inside the compressor.

In addition, fridge covers effectively keep the fridge cool since they can help with the insulation. So look for portable camping fridges with covers or buy a separate one.

Most importantly, you need to schedule regular maintenance checks for your portable fridge. For example, the experts will evaluate if the gas supply lines of your three-way absorption fridge have leaks or if it can still get the correct gas pressure. The experts will also check if the AC voltage is still working correctly. You can be assured that you can take your portable fridge on all your outdoor adventures for years by doing all of these.

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