3 Basic Guidelines That Can Help Every New Parents

Babies are everyone’s favourite. It is fun to play with a baby and watch them laugh at random objects. However, it is arduous to look after a baby. They are very delicate. Great care should be taken while carrying them. One should be familiar with all the dos and don’ts of tasks, like cleaning and feeding the baby. They should also be aware of all the items that are required, from baby bath products to child proofing kits.

Why is Preparation Important?

Many people associate managing a baby with cuddling and changing soiled diapers. While most people are pretty comfortable with these things, looking after a baby involves countless other tasks and skills. Proper preparation can make the whole process way less stressful. One might be exhausted once the baby comes due to a lack of sleep or hormones. Having to make supply runs in that state can be very strenuous. One can start preparations by making a list of all the tasks to be accomplished before the baby comes. Checking off items on this list can also ease parents as they are prepared. Moreover, getting supplies like baby bath products beforehand can prevent purchasing at exorbitant prices when one is desperate.

After Birth

One might be extremely busy immediately after the birth of the baby. This time can be very overwhelming for new parents. Getting some help through this can be a lifesaver. Nurses can be especially great for new parents as they can guide how to handle the baby. This includes burping, changing, cleaning and feeding the baby.

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Most hospitals have professionals that one can consult, from feeding to lactation specialists. They would be able to guide one through any of their concerns easily. They might also be able to direct parents towards nurses or postpartum doulas for hire. One can even get a responsible teen that they know to help out for an allowance. Relatives and friends also offer their help in most cases. This should be utilised even if one disagrees with some of their ideas. One should also keep in mind that there is no need to feel guilty about restricting guests.

Handling Newborns

Newborns are very delicate, and this can be intimidating at times. Knowing how to handle them properly will instill more confidence in parents. Regularly washing hands around the baby is a must. Hand sanitisers can also be used. Newborns have a fragile immune system and are at risk of a lot of infections that wouldn’t bother adults. One should also learn how to hold a baby. Their head should be cradled when carrying and supported when upright. One should also be careful while laying the baby down. Newborns are not ready for much play. Being jiggled or thrown in the air at this stage is dangerous. One should also take care to never shake their newborn, even if it is in play. Shaking can cause bleeding in the brain and even death in extreme cases. One can wake their baby by blowing on their feet or cheek or lightly tickling them.

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It is hard to make a checklist or guide that includes everything one needs to take care of a baby. Hence it is important to take reference from as many sources as possible, from books to articles. Moreover, each family will have their own vision of how their child should be raised.

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