10 Best Cars for Road Trip in Hawaii

A trip to Hawaii is a pleasant prospect to get the best weekend if you make the complete preparation beforehand. First of all, do some research about the prices for booking, food, excursions and car rental. Usually, they are higher than in other states, so you must calculate your budget carefully.
In this article, you can find some useful tips and ten affordable cars for helping you to plan. 

Factors to consider before choosing a car 

Driving conditions vary significantly, at least in heavier traffic and weather dependent. Hawaiian rain is an obstacle for drivers, demanding a lot of attention and a low speed. You also must take into account the car size and choose the suitable one, a choice between mobility (parking places are small) and off-road. We have several options for you below.

Car models to check out as deserving examples to drive

Here you can get acquainted with a list of ten advantageous cars, which we had drawn up oriented to the claimed needs.

Smart Fortwo

A two-seater hatchback with the most fuel efficiency and cheap-to-drive qualities is awesome for Hawaii because you can drive longer and find a parking place easier. The brand also offers eco-friendly vehicles, and they are convenient because you can get free parking and cheap charging stations everywhere. What is more, you can go back and forth in one charge, because of the islands’ size.   

Jeep Wrangler 

Stylish and universal car for different road and group trips, beneficial for fuse weather. It has been a part of American History since WW2, when the ancestor of the civil version, which we can observe nowadays, was established as a powerful and reliable vehicle. That is a reason to rent a 4×4 Jeep and experience that. With a Jeep rental Oahu, you will easily discover the beauty of the island and save money on transportation.

Ford Explorer 

The Iconic SUV has a wide range of functions and high safety features. Spacious cab and four-cylinder dynamic engine, which even exceeds V6s of some rivals. A large cargo hold allows you to bring enough bags all the time, so you can have a picnic on the beach or spend the night in the fresh air. Consider the rental SUV for a safe trip, apart from the jeep rental.  

Toyota Tacoma

This car is famous on the islands with its monstrous strength. Citizens even give it a name – Taco. You will drive the attention if you sit at the wheel of this vehicle. Superior off-road capability is great to go through the sand and stones. You also get an available remote connection to facilitate dealing with a car.

Honda Ridgeline 

Choosing a Honda Ridgeline, you choose the comfort and versatility. Let your companions enjoy the ample passenger space for five people and use the Dash Entertainment System as audio streaming or a tool. Every good chance is to make your cozy journey a disco on the wheel. And you don’t experience problems with movement – that vehicle is absolutely fine to travel on sandy roads. 

Lexus SC430

An excellent option to show your fashion sense and image. It combines luxury, speed, and excellent mechanical robustness to endure the bright Hawaiian sun. Safety features are also impressive as a cab interior, and generally, the quality was proven by many users. This car is a classic, and you never made a mistake selecting it.  

Mini Cooper

Although the size is small, the cab is quite spacious, especially for tall drivers. In addition, you can choose the model with different amounts of seats, from 2 to 5. But we recommend you to think about this car for couples or single travelers. 

Nissan Frontier

Vigorous engines and ergonomic design are nice for long hours of driving and highly suitable for travelers. In the salon, you can find a lot of handy things, such as a multi-level console for drinks and telephone and a dual glove compartment. Keep the salon uncluttered and feel free. 

Ford F-150

This vehicle was a best-selling car in Hawaii in 2016, and nowadays, it is still popular. Ford F-series is identified by multifunctional engines and high capacity. Additionally, this one has incredibly high towing—a superb option for any road. 

Toyota Tundra 

This model is worth your full attention, especially its safety sensor technology at a new level. You’ve got automatic high beams, a pre-collision system, dynamic cruise control, and pedestrian detection in one vehicle.

Tips for successful driving in Hawaii

  • Take care of a car, because salt and the sun can be damaging. Try to keep the car in a shade or special place; wash and wax it regularly.
  • Wearing a seatbelt is necessary for both drivers and passengers. 
  • Narrow roads, weather, and earth’s features demand adhering to speed limits. It can save your life!
  • A note for foreign visitors: International Driving Permit is required in Hawaii if your home driver’s license is not in the Roman alphabet. Get an IDP beforehand. It may take up to a month to obtain an IDP in several countries.

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